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Dare to Dream Lecture

Posted in Mary's Journal, Reviews on December 6th, 2012 by MaryWilson


Your motivational ‘Dare to Dream’ presentation raised the bar of personal perseverance among our students at Jack Yates. This guidance is now rooted in the fertile soil of their souls where confidence and belief give birth to dreams that may once have seemed unattainable. It is within this sphere where they learn to treat obstacles as opportunities for growth and adversity as a doorway to change. The kids recognized and found comfort in the teachable moments you provided. We applaud you for sharing the gift of love, freely, as it was given to you. The Jack Yates Alumni Reunite Committee will forever be grateful to you for accepting the visitation to share your story. We thank God for navigating circumstances during your visit to Houston to share such an up close and personal encounter.

Thank you for extending the spiritual highway that leads to ‘Supreme Faith’.

Terry Singleton

The Jack Yates Alumni Reunite Committee

REVIEWS: Mary Wilson at the Venetian Room

Posted in News, Reviews on November 5th, 2012 by MaryWilson

Dear Mary,

For two days now, I’ve been basking in the afterglow of your fabulous
performance, and I thought it was time I said THANK YOU! I loved your show,
as did everyone else (see below), and was grateful for the chance to spend a
little time with you.

You are the best. Really! More people need to know about the amazing work
you are doing.

Thank you, Mary, for bringing your show to the Venetian Room. I look
forward to seeing you again soon (or at least as soon as I can fit into my
size 12 jeans..without the aid of a shoehorn!).



p.s. I will forward press, etc. as I receive it. Meantime, here are some
samples of the comments I’ve received…


Dear Marilyn,

As I said to you last night — Mary Wilson — “another home run!” She was
terrific. Loved her emotion and range of songs, and her voice and stage
skills. Everyone sitting around us were very enthusiastic her as well.



Subject: oh what a night

What a wonderful night!

Thank you so much for the tickets, my sister and me had a great time! ~
what a topper for the evening…the Giants win! Nice that they waited till
the show was over

I can see why you love cabaret ~ You are fabulous on stage, and your
passion for this shows.

Debbie and me will be a future shows ~ thanks again for the chance to
experience Mary Wilson ( she has a great set of pipes on her)

Love ya

Dear Marilyn,

I told Mary Wilson that I came into her show as a long time Supremes fan,
but left as a Mary Wilson fan. Definitely under the radar when it comes to
her talent. She is quite an amazing vocal artist. Thanks for bringing her

See you soon!

Amy Dondy
It wasn’t only the Giants who hit a home run. ML did too! It was a Great
show. And my friend Sandy (the bday girl) is ecstatic. She loved the
Supremes and got to say Hello to Mary and shake her hand. She is definitely
on Cloud 9! And our seats were perfect! Thanks so much.


Last night was just terrific in every regard and topped off by the Giant’s
World Series Win which was so much fun experiencing together in The Laurel

My Brocklebank girlfriends loved the performance as well …

Once again, Congratulations!
Marsha, Laurie and Susan

Review of “Life’s Been Good To Me”

Posted in Reviews on July 31st, 2012 by MaryWilson

Dearest Mary,

I really enjoyed talking with you this afternoon. Just downloaded ” Life’s Been Good To Me”! OMG ! It’s absolutely FANTASTIC ! (and I’m not just blowing smoke). If this doesn’t hit the charts….then something is wrong with the music business!! May I put it in some radio station’s hands in my area ? I’ll be playing it Saturday night on my TV show and next week on my affiliates in the USA and Britain.

Love Always, Corky ( yes ……B. Warren )

Review: Detroit concert

Posted in Reviews on July 30th, 2012 by MaryWilson
Hi Mary,
I hope you had a good trip. I want to thank you for the wonderful show and evening you gave us in Detroit. Thank you for allowing me and my friends to come up and see you later in the evening. They were all thrilled and we had a great time with you. I loved how you opened with “Here’s To Life”. It was also a treat to hear you sing, “Both Sides Now”.
All the best,

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