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A supreme celebration at the Trio Restaurant

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Mary performed a few songs at the Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs this past week, in celebration of their first anniversary.

Mary Wilson was supreme in show at Landis Theater

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Fan review from the Daily Journal: “It was another great night at the Landis Theater Performing Arts Center. Mary Wilson, who is very talented, brought the house down.

Mary came out in a beautiful gown. She had more energy as the show progressed, never breathing heavily. She sang a beautiful rendition of The Supremes’ hits and other songs.

I stayed after the event to meet Mary.

Mary and I talked and I was impressed by her kindness and how she spoke without ego problems.

This is another victory for Landis Theater.

God bless Mary Wilson, and I hope to see her in another show.”

Stephen I. Plevins


With Friends

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A Supreme evening at Landis

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From by Cody Glenn

VINELAND — Concertgoers at the Landis Theater Performing Arts Center got a healthy dose of “Baby Love” on Saturday night.

Mary Wilson of The Supremes took center stage in a black evening gown, flowing yellow shawl and seemingly countless diamonds to kick off the Vineland theater’s first full season of touring acts. The long-shuttered Landis celebrated its grand reopening in May with an abbreviated season of performances.

Wilson performed a medley of Supremes classics, as well as other favorites, for a crowd of about 600, according to the theater’s executive artistic director, Joseph Marcello.

Wilson called out to the audience during her second song — “Smile” — for her fans to do just that.

Theater officials and attendees alike shared their excitement for the famous act.

“To have an icon like her makes for a phenomenal kickoff,” Marcello said. “Mary’s a class act and she’s excited to be here too.”

First-timers at the Landis Theater Gary Callender of Atlantic City and date Lisa Lockhart were equally thrilled about the show.

“I was raised on The Supremes,” Callender said. “‘Baby Love’ is my favorite. I think this whole place is wonderful.”

Wilson performed 17 songs, including The Supremes hits “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “Someday We’ll Be Together” and “Stop! In the Name of Love.”

Before the show, Mayor Robert Romano presented Wilson with a key to the city.

“I’m a big fan,” Romano said. “That was my heyday when all The Supremes songs were out. ‘I Hear a Symphony’ is my favorite, but they have so many hits.”

Being a part of a show like Mary Wilson’s concert is a big reason why Frances Organski of Vineland said she volunteers as an usher at the theater.

“She’s absolutely fabulous,” Organski said. “Tonight really brings back memories.”

Supreme friends & fans

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