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Review of “Life’s Been Good To Me”

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Dearest Mary,

I really enjoyed talking with you this afternoon. Just downloaded ” Life’s Been Good To Me”! OMG ! It’s absolutely FANTASTIC ! (and I’m not just blowing smoke). If this doesn’t hit the charts….then something is wrong with the music business!! May I put it in some radio station’s hands in my area ? I’ll be playing it Saturday night on my TV show and next week on my affiliates in the USA and Britain.

Love Always, Corky ( yes ……B. Warren )

Detroit Concert: July 19th, 2012

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Photos by Frank Pettis

Review: Detroit concert

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Hi Mary,
I hope you had a good trip. I want to thank you for the wonderful show and evening you gave us in Detroit. Thank you for allowing me and my friends to come up and see you later in the evening. They were all thrilled and we had a great time with you. I loved how you opened with “Here’s To Life”. It was also a treat to hear you sing, “Both Sides Now”.
All the best,

Former Fan Club President Still Enjoys the Music of Mary Wilson…

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Mary received this letter from Carl Feuerbacher, the former President of the Mary Wilson Fan Club.

Hey Mary:

Once again, I cannot emphasize how great the show was in Detroit – you were outstanding and sounded better than ever. I am so glad you treated everyone to an expanded show by adding a Here’s to Life and Both Sides Now — and everyone loved them. You made a strong statement by opening with Here’s To Life — you told them you are not only a former Supreme, you are MARY WILSON. It really set the tone for an incredible magical evening. I talked to a lot of people and the accolades were everywhere – they were all impressed with the show, your showmanship and the entire package. It was definitely a memorable night for many people and you should be proud.

I was so proud of you and emotional during that show – it really touched me.

Thanks for all the kindness you showed everyone during that trip — it was really heartfelt.

Just wanted to let you know how great the show was – how terrific you looked, and the great job that you, Mark Z., Parnell, Lucy and Carl did. I heard new life in some of those songs like “Think” and “Walk the Line”. They were terrific!

Take care of yourself and get some rest…..





Fox 2 welcomes legendary Motown artist Mary Wilson of the Supremes

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By Jeff Kranitz from

(WJBK) -Detroit will welcome back one of it’s most beloved ambassadors of music, when Mary Wilson of the Supremes performs at Sound Board Thursday night.
Everyone at Fox 2 was especially excited Wednesday morning, when Wilson arrived for a live in-studio interview. Click here to watch the interview.

She’s an R&B, pop, disco, dance-pop singer and founding member of the Motown singing group The Supremes. She was the only artist to be a consistent member of the group in its 18-year existence (1959-1977). During its lifespan, the group scored 33 Top 40 Hits, including 12 national #1′s on the Billboard pop music charts. In 1988, Mary accepted the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the Supremes when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1994, the Supremes received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 1998 they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Mary has toured the globe as a performer and continues to travel as an advocate on behalf of social and civic issues.

Her show is Thursday, July 19 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $25 and $23.

Ex-Supreme Mary Wilson makes rare appearance at the Sound Board

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Written by Susan Whitall from The Detroit News


When she was a teenager at Detroit’s Northeastern High School in the late ’50s, Mary Wilson would dream about her future life. One thing she knew she wanted to do was travel the world.

And so it was: in the 40-plus years since Motown propelled her and the Supremes to fame, Wilson’s designer luggage has rarely been unpacked.

“Be careful what you wish for!” the singer said, laughing. She was speaking by phone from Los Angeles, where she flew in from her home in Las Vegas to conduct some business. Her next flight will be home to Detroit, where she’ll perform Thursday at the MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board.

It’s a rare hometown show for Wilson, who is just back from South Africa where she performed her one-woman Lena Horne show. She embarks later this summer on a European jaunt with former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and his band.

“Traveling is hard today because of security, but we have to have it,” Wilson said. “Now my carry-on is heavier than my suitcase, because I have to put my jewelry for the show in, and my laptop. It’s a lot of travel between the singing and other things, but I enjoy being in different places.”

Among the “other things” she does is travel on behalf of the Humpty Dumpty Institute, a humanitarian organization. “We explode unexploded bombs, some dating back to the Vietnam War,” Wilson said.

She hopes to bring her Lena Horne show to Detroit soon, but in the meantime, she’ll perform her “rock and roll, Supremes” show to the Sound Board.

“I haven’t played Detroit in a while, especially the casino, so this is all very new to me,” Wilson said. “I hope that a lot of my friends from Northeastern and Bishop Elementary and (the) Brewster (projects) will come down and see me. It’ll be fun to see people. One of my oldest friends, Jackie Burke, still lives there.”

Album to get U.S. release

Wilson famously lived in the Brewster Projects for a time; it’s where she met Florence Ballard and then Diana (then Diane) Ross, and formed the Primettes, a sister group to the Primes (a group that involved some of the future Temptations), but her early years weren’t spent there.

“I grew up in southwest Detroit, by Fort and Outer Drive,” Wilson said.

She is happy that her single and album, “Life’s Been Good to Me,” are set to be released in the U.S. soon. The single is a nice change of pace from her usual blues or classic Supremes sound, a smooth, modern production that would fit in well in any contemporary R&B format. The lyrics are autobiographical. “I guess you could say this project girl got lucky,” she sings that familiar, lilting alto in “Life’s Been Good to Me.”

The single was released last year in England.

The recording has been a long time in the works. Wilson started working on it five years ago with producer Richard Davis, an associate of her old Motown producers Brian and Eddie Holland.

Angelo Bond, another Holland brothers associate dating back to their days running Invictus Records, and writer Paul Hill were also part of the team.

“I’m very proud of it; it’s all original music,” Wilson said.

Asked about her former boss Berry Gordy’s announced Broadway production “Motown the Musical” (see sidebar), Wilson is diplomatic.

“He’s been working on that for a long time, and that it’s coming to fruition is good.”

Did she have any ideas about who could play the young Mary Wilson?

“Oh jeez, I don’t really know,” she said. “It depends on how they’re going to do it. They might just get generic characters and have an ensemble cast, because it would be quite hard to cast everyone as individuals.”

Gorgeous gowns

Wilson has an impressive collection of Supremes gowns, the show-stopping dresses that she, Ross and Ballard wore on the Ed Sullivan show and their many other appearances. The gowns have been on display at the Detroit Historical Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“I just signed a contract in Philadelphia for the African-American Museum,” Wilson said. “They will have the exhibit for six months. I’m putting together a concert there as well, so I’m looking forward to that.

“We had some gorgeous gowns,” she said. “The sad part is I don’t have the earlier gowns worn by Florence, myself and Diane that were our signature look, before we became really huge. Those were all, I don’t want to say misplaced, but no one knows where they are. We had them stored at Motown, but they disappeared. I’m still looking for those, so if anyone knows where they are now …”

Wilson has seen some Supremes gowns on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, too. “They said they obtained them through a legitimate source, but if I don’t know how they got there, then …”

Fans have helped, tipping her off to Supremes dresses that pop up on eBay, and she has bought several that way.

In August, Wilson is off to tour Europe with Wyman, former bassist with the Stones, who has a blues revue he takes around Europe — but not the U.S.

“He doesn’t fly,” Wilson explained. “He does the bus thing. I did it last year all over England. We’ll be doing Germany, Italy, Sweden — for three months. I’ll be their guest star… (Bill) has an affinity with me.”

As for the MotorCity Casino, one special guest with a front-row seat will be Mrs. Maxine Powell, Motown’s famed etiquette and comportment teacher who helped launch the label’s Artist Development department.

Powell has always said the Supremes were her best students, absorbing her lessons on how to conduct themselves gracefully in all situations.

“Martha Reeves has taken great care of Mrs. Powell,” Wilson said. “We’re the ones who try to stay close.”

Wilson’s single

Listen to Mary Wilson’s new single “Life’s Been Good To Me” here:

[Now available on for purchase]

Mary Wilson

8 p.m. Thursday

Motor City Casino’s Sound Board, 2901 Grand River, Detroit

Tickets: $25. Available at Call (800) 745-3000

Mary Wilson Interview with Eclectiblogs

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Mary recently did an interview for Eclectiblogs, which can be read here:

Update: Schedule

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Mary will be going on tour with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings this fall. The following dates have been added to Mary’s concert schedule:

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Wednesday, September 26th
Venue: Theater De Maagd
Location: Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Thursday, September 27th
Venue: Theater Heerlen
Location: Heerlen, Netherlands

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Friday, September 28th
Venue: Rabotheater
Location: Hengelo, Netherlands

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Saturday, September 29th
Venue: Die Fabrik
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Sunday, September 30th
Venue: Columbiahalle
Location: Berlin, Germany

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Monday, October 1st
Venue: Stadthalle Braunschweig
Location: Braunschweig, Germany

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Monday, October 15th
Venue: Theater am Spirgarten
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings ft. Mary Wilson
Tuesday, October 16th
Venue: Hoel Krone
Location: Aarberg, Switzerland

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