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TV Alert: Tavis Smiley

Mary and Mark Bego were interviewed by Tavis Smiley to promote the new My Supremes: 50th Anniversary magazine, available on news stands now. The show will air next week on local PBS stations across the country, beginning on Friday, December 14th. It will air in LA on KOCE at 11 PM, in NY on WNET at 12 midnight and re-broadcasted at 1 PM the following Monday. Check your local listings.

4 Responses to “TV Alert: Tavis Smiley”

  1. Freddie Says:

    So excited! Tavis is a great interviewer so I know it is going to be a fantastic conversation! I just picked up my copy of the MY SUPREMES MAGAZINE – 50TH ANNIVERSARY. Have to say the Supremes iine-up of Jean, Cindy and Mary were my favorite! The magazine is great! Thank you!

  2. Bruce Maguire Says:

    Just watched you on Tavis are fabulous! I can’t wait to hear the jazz CD. Lots of love & best wishes always!

  3. Edwin T Says:

    Looking good Ms Wilson. Great interview, keep up the good work, all the best to you and your family…..Peace

  4. Bud Says:

    The MARY WILSON interview with TAVIS SMILEY was a nice lively chat about the SUPREMES early career; their music, the SUPREMES’ GOWN EXIBIT, & of course the new 50th ANNIVERSARY magazine. Mr. Smiley had with him Mary’s 2nd book, “SUPREME FAITH”, the new magazine, & Mary’s Jazz CD, “UP CLOSE”. Mary mentioned that the Jazz music & Ballads was what she found out that she does her best at. Even so she said that she did not have the talent of “ARETHA FRANKLIN” or “GLADYS KNIGHT”, two of her favorite singers. She said this after commenting on being online & reading hurtful things said like she couldn’t sing & such.
    It’s sad that a few people find it nessasary to show their foolishness & lack of class by posting such harmful & untrue garbage on the net. Nobody benefits from useless talk like that; & especially not the person writing those things. I was always taught: “Better to be quiet & let them think you are a fool, then to open your mouth & let them ‘know’ your one!” Anyway, MARY WILSON doesn’t have to take a back seat to ‘any’ singer. She “does” have the talent to sing with the best of singers. Over the years she has honed her vocal skills to where she can sing any style of music. She may excell with ballads & Jazz, but really she can do it all now. MARY is doing the SUPREMES’ songs great these days, & I would love to have a CD of her doing all Supreme songs; some with similar arrangements to the originals & some with a slowed down one. I just hope that very soon the new album will indeed finally be released & promoted so others can see the true vocal talent that MARY WILSON has. Anxious to hear lots of new music from Miss Mary!

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