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December 15th, Happy Birthday Cindy!

9 Responses to “December 15th, Happy Birthday Cindy!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thank you for letting us know of Cindy’s upcoming birthday!
    Lovely photograph of her!
    Happy Birthday to someone who helped make the Supremes, SUPREME!
    And Ms. Wilson, again and again, that your for documenting and sharing your exciting life story with us.
    If hope and pray that if the story of the Supremes is ever brought to tv/film, that your recollections are the basis of the screenplay. So candid and detailed! Good work Ms. Mary Wilson.

  2. Michael Says:

    An edit to my previous post so that it makes sense…
    “Thank you for documenting and sharing your exciting life story with us.

  3. Peter from Switzerland Says:

    Dear Cindy,

    I wish you a happy Birthday and good health.

    Funny December 15th is also my Birthday.

    All the best, ..Peter Brandenberger..

  4. Michelle P Says:

    Happy Birthday to Ms. Cindy Birdsong – I thank you for creating such a beautiful, classy image of Black/African American Women in the 1960′s. Before you and The Supremes, The Vandellas and Marvelettes – we had no positive images of Black Women. Again, thank you – you are appreciated!!!

  5. Rene Bravo Says:

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

    I wish you the very best, most of all I wish you health. I wish you were in the limelight performing, you are one of my favorite Supreme. Simply astonishingly beautiful.

    Rene Bravo
    Miami, Fl.

  6. Lee Arboreen Says:

    Much love & best wishes!!….Happy Birthday Cindy!!…thank you for all the years you gave us fans great music!!….I wish you happiness & health for this coming year!! XXOOOO

  7. Lee Arboreen Says:


  8. Steven G Says:

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful soul!

  9. Ron Says:

    Happy Birthday to Cindy!
    may all of your blessing be full…… and may all your memories be with you as they are with us………. you singing and dancing so supremely. Good health and safe travels in 2014. I hope that the world will see you standing on some stage somewhere with diane and mary, if not to sing us to smile and know you are loved.

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