Word on the Street

Dearest Mary,

I really enjoyed talking with you this afternoon. Just downloaded ” Life’s Been Good To Me”! OMG ! It’s absolutely FANTASTIC ! (and I’m not just blowing smoke). If this doesn’t hit the charts….then something is wrong with the music business!! May I put it in some radio station’s hands in my area ? I’ll be playing it Saturday night on my TV show and next week on my affiliates in the USA and Britain.

Love Always, Corky ( yes ……B. Warren )

Mary received this letter from Carl Feuerbacher, the former President of the Mary Wilson Fan Club.

Hey Mary: Once again, I cannot emphasize how great the show was in Detroit – you were outstanding and sounded better than ever. I am so glad you treated everyone to an expanded show by adding a Here’s to Life and Both Sides Now — and everyone loved them. You made a strong statement by opening with Here’s To Life — you told them you are not only a former Supreme, you are MARY WILSON. It really set the tone for an incredible magical evening. I talked to a lot of people and the accolades were everywhere – they were all impressed with the show, your showmanship and the entire package. It was definitely a memorable night for many people and you should be proud. I was so proud of you and emotional during that show – it really touched me. Thanks for all the kindness you showed everyone during that trip — it was really heartfelt. Just wanted to let you know how great the show was – how terrific you looked, and the great job that you, Mark Z., Parnell, Lucy and Carl did. I heard new life in some of those songs like “Think” and “Walk the Line”. They were terrific! Take care of yourself and get some rest…



Hi Mary, I hope you had a good trip. I want to thank you for the wonderful show and evening you gave us in Detroit. Thank you for allowing me and my friends to come up and see you later in the evening. They were all thrilled and we had a great time with you. I loved how you opened with “Here’s To Life”. It was also a treat to hear you sing, “Both Sides Now”.

All the best,


Ms. Wilson,

I just wanted to thank you for your extraordinarily wonderful moderation of the Blacks in Hollywood and Film program workshop on Saturday, March 10th at the West Las Vegas Library. It was a spectacular afternoon. The young people present enjoyed you and Bubba [Knight], and all of them expressed how glad they were to listen to, learn from and meet you. Even the Library Staff members and Arts Center Staff members found their way into that room to listen to and meet you (smile). The adults were all so happy to see how genuine you and Bubba were about presenting to the youth and all of us. The experience was so satisfying and I thank you so very much. We are all looking forward to having you come back and be with us again on Sunday afternoon, 3PM, March 25th at the West Las Vegas Library Theatre for the film screening of “Sparkle”. And equally as excited by the expectation of attending your Smith Center event honoring Lena Horne. So, again, please accept my most sincerest thank you and appreciation for your generous gift of your time and presence to our little program. Thank you bringing your granddaughter. We loved having her participate in our program.


Sonya Goldsboro
Chairman, The Arts Facet
The Links, Inc., Las Vegas Chairman


The reviews are in! Here is what concert attendees are saying about “Stormy Weather: The Lena Horne Project” Starring Mary Wilson…


Hi Mary,

What else can I say about last night but:


THOROUGHLY enjoyed the show last night (and learned a little bit more about Lena Horne as well)..

When you mentioned “Talk Of The Town” it took me back to my days as a kid singing in my mirror in Brooklyn!!!

Thanks for a GREAT night!

Best Regards,


Great spending time with you last night. And as I said earlier, we are so proud of you. The show was magnificent. Good luck with the rest of the tour. I wish I could be there every night…but I will be in spirit.



My friend Sam Irvin, who wrote the celebrated Kay Thompson biography, was at the show last night. He said that you were absolutely terrific!!! He sent me a picture of you, Cindy and Scherrie. I had tears in my eyes. You looked absolutely gorgeous. I hope that I can see you in the show before the tour is over.

“Everything’s Good About You”




On behalf of thousands of people I just want to thank you for a truly magical concert last night in Coney Island. You really knocked it out of the ballpark. And on a personal note thank you for being so gracious to both Margaret and myself after the show. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I do hope to see you again. Lots of luck on the upcoming engagements.


What can I say? You were better than I have ever seen you. It was your tightest show and you were in fine voice and magnificent. The opening black gown was an absolute knockout! I had tears in my eyes twice. The first time was when you sang "Walk the Line." There were hundreds of people around me singing along with you. Not singing a Supremes song but a Mary Wilson song! The other time was your heartfelt tribute to Florence, "I Am Changing." I have heard you do this many times but there was something special about tonight and you sang it better than ever.

I am not one who blows smoke up someone's butt. I happen to be very critical and not a good liar. I will always tell you the truth unshaded by "she's a Supreme." You have always been the consummate professional. But you have grown so much in confidence and stature, and power that I could not stop smiling. As always, there were people in the audience with their mouths open, saying, "oh my God, she is wonderful...she can sing." Yes Mary, you can sing and it is not just your voice. You sing from your heart and soul. And if you do not mind me saying this, Raffi, Florence, and your mother are smiling and saying, "You do it Mary..we love you...and we will always be right here with you.



Just got the chance to listen to "Life's Been Good To Me" you've updated and reinvented your sound. The sound is new can't think of a song that sounds quite like the blend. This could be a big hit, I hope you're planning on doing more U.S promotion (try young adults) people will like this.


Please tell Mary how much I loved her performance last night In Raleigh, Jan 22, 2011.

I especially loved her version of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now".

And I appreciated the personal nature of Mary's show, including her comments about "love", taking care of each other, and making the world a better place for our children.

Finally, I now know for sure that Mary Wilson is definitely my favorite Supreme!

Donna Helen Crisp

Please tell Mary Wilson that I saw her performance in Raleigh a few hours ago with the North Carolina Symphony. I thought the show was great. Also, tell her I was a radio announcer in the mid-sixties in eastern North Carolina and started playing their music from the beginning. On the Radio at WOOW and WPXY in Greenville, NC, I was known back then as “TJ the DJ.” And I also did a column titled the Music World of Jerry Williams, published in Greenville and Rocky Mount, NC. I don’t think those radio stations exist now or they are under different call letters. However, I played all their hits (often) while I was TJ the DJ.

I left radio in 1966 and went into banking and the became a trade association executive and lobbyist for 33 years for the North Carolina Restaurant Association and since 2002 I have been a contract lobbyist. A friend that I worked with in college called me about going to the show and I have been waiting for that show since his call. I loved it when she brought those girls on stage and had them do their Supremes imitation. One of those women used to work at the General Assembly.

Anyway, attending her show was a satisfying experience. It took me back and tell her I said, “Thank You.” Let Ray know we enjoyed him, too. They all were great!

As a grandfather, I have to say that Mary, as a grandmother, did herself proud!


Dear Mary,

I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert last night together with the NC Symphony. It was just a wonderful evening! I so enjoyed your singing - just marvelous - especially the ballads. The creme de la creme came when my sister (Gladys Brunell) and I actually got to speak with you after the concert. It just made the evening perfect!

The best of luck to you in Russia; and may God bless you for all the good you do for our world.

Warm regards,
Therese Martin