Honoring Mary Wilson


My brother, Pedro, and I, Turkessa, thank you for the condolences you have extended to us from around the world upon the passing of our mother, Mary Wilson. While we are processing her sudden passing, your reaching out through cards, letters, emails, phone calls, and the many other acts of support you have shown during this time to honor our mother's legacy, are deeply appreciated. 

Many of you have contacted us on how to help or how you can support our family. As you all know, our mother has worked diligently and tirelessly to pass legislation in the United States Congress, and succeeded with the passing of The CLASSICS Act and The Music Modernization ActThe Truth in Music Act (TIMA) is still under consideration in several U.S. states. We ask you to carry on Mary’s legacy by contacting your state legislators to get this Act passed! This was very dear to our mother's heart and we need to continue to push for The Truth in Music Act to become law, just as The CLASSICS Act and The Music Modernization Act have.

On behalf of the grandchildren of Mary Wilson, "we would like to thank everyone for the sympathy, love, support, prayers, and memories of our amazing and beautiful Grandma Mary. Her hugs were the tightest. Her heart was the biggest. And her voice was the loudest. She always thought everyday should be celebrated and life should be lived! She taught us many life lessons and we will forever cherish them. To each of us, she was just Grandma Mary, but to the world she was "Mary Wilson of The Supremes". She brought joy and happiness to everyone through her music, which will last forever. She helped change the lives of many, especially the African-American community during a time where Blacks were not considered beautiful and equal. She dared to dream and to follow those dreams. As a teenager, Grandma Mary discovered what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, to sing and perform, and she did just that! Our Grandma Mary continued to fight for the rights and legacies of artists and their music. We are certain she left this world a bit brighter for the future generations and that will never be forgotten. There will never be enough words to tell or show you how amazing a Grandma you were to each other. We will truly miss you Grandma Mary, and "Someday We Will Be Together."

Please know that while each of you has lifted us up in your hearts and souls that we, in our gratitude, are also lifting you up in ours. Our mother has the best fans and friends of anyone...all over the world. We are fortunate to have you, as our extended family, in every corner of this universe. Thank you so much for your unwavering love to Mom and to us!

We thank you,

Mary's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren


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